Just Kissable Photography specializes in Children and Family Photography and is based in Georgetown, TX.

Julia Kuhn has always been motivated and inspired by love. When given the option of using her head or her heart, her heart always won out. It was pretty natural that when it comes to her photography, what she loves to capture the most are portraits of love. The love shown between two newlyweds saying "I do", the love sparkling in a new mother's eye, the love felt as a new father holds his baby for the first time, the love a big brother shows as he holds his little sister's hand. Moments like these are the ones that Just Kissable Photography strives to capture.

When Julia is not out on a photoshoot, she can be found at home snuggling on the couch with her husband and two daughters. Growing up in a tight-knit family, there's nothing that is more important to Julia than quality family time. Besides photography, her other hobbies are traveling, baking, watching romantic comedies, reading suspense novels, and meeting new people.  

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